EVERGREEN By Rolando Sanchez

Director’s Statement
  Evergreen is about one’s own personal endurance in a relationship. Being able to last and hold onto to the commitment & vows that were made to each other. Whether it’s a marriage or one’s own personal commitment. 
  As I began writing this film I tried to understand how the experiences one faces as a child has such a profound effect in his or her own future. One of those experiences that I think most of us could relate to is abuse.  I tried to honestly make this film as realistic as possible.  I feel most woman can relate to my character Vivian and her current situation of commitment and doubt in her faith.
  As for her husband Nicholas which some may consider the problem in most of these abusive cases tend to forget that the outcome is usually the product of the past and little if not any counseling for such abusiveness that most adolescence face among their families in which we call“ our home “.