When you VISUALIZE, then you MATERIALIZE. If you've been there in the MIND you'll go there in the BODY.

- Dr Denis Waitley -

  Born and raised in Queens N.Y.  Rolando Sanchez received his Associates Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technology from Alfred State College. Upon graduating from the University he joined the United States Navy for 6 years. During his time in the service he began filming documentaries of the soldiers in the Persian Gulf. 

  After his tour of duty in the Navy he then attended the school of visual arts ( SVA ) continuing education program in NYC NY. This is where his film education took flight. Upon completing various courses in film production, cinematography and screenwriting.

  He then decided to learn hands on and shadow students from Columbia University’s M.F.A Film Program. He has worked with several students on their student thesis projects. During this amazing experience he was able to see first hand what it takes to direct a short film and the vast responsibilities that are involved in running a crew.

  At the present time he lives in Queens N.Y. & is currently attending a private workshop for professional director’s and actor’s under the great Lenore Dekoven former Columbia University MFA Film Program Professor. Her former students have been Ang Lee, Kimberly Peirce just to name a few.

  Rolando Sanchez has had great success with his recent short film titled "Evergreen" back in 2009. It was a Finalist at the 2009 Las Vegas Film Festival. It also toured many film festivals during 2009 as well. Due to the success of Evergreen he landed the opportunity to Direct a Music Video for the 2010 & 2011 Grammy Nominated R&B Artist named Eric Roberson. At the present time he is in Pre-Production on his first feature film titled "Purple Hearts".